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Refund with Split Page API

You can split a refund between 2 or more recipients. In order to do this, you need to send an array with the split rules within the refund object.

The refund rules are the same for refund without split, find here: Refund a Payment. Refund with split have new rule must be respected:

  • All payments created with split must be refunded with split.
  • Payment without split can not refund with split.

Beyond default parameters of refund. The following parameters are mandatory:

recipient_code string

Your code representing a recipient identificator.

percentage float

A percentage of amount total value part.. E.g.,: 25

amount float

A amount to send to the recipient. Maximum two decimal places. E.g.,: 55.60

To split a refund between the recipients some rules must be respected:

  • Only one of the values ​​(amount or percentage) must be sent in all split rules. If more than one value is sent, the request is denied.
    • If percentage is used, the sum of all split rules must be equal to 100%.
    • If using amount, the sum of all amounts should be the same as the amount informed in payment amount_total value.

Refunds are notified when the refund is pending and an email is sent to the customer asking for bank information and when the refund is confirmed.

An example of refund with split: