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With just one integration, your company can sell to consumers based in Brazil. Offering local payment options is an excellent opportunity to increase your sales and reach even more customers.

Request your test account

If you don’t have your testing account yet, send an email to One of our Business Development Analysts will get in touch shortly.

At this stage, you will have access to your test Integration keys. Only after the conclusion of your negotiation and the integration process with our team, you will receive your live integration keys.

Start your integration

Once you have your test account, you can go over all the EBANX solutions below and decide which integration best suits your platform. If you aren’t sure, don’t worry, our Business Development Analyst will guide you.

We also have some materials that might help you out during the integration phase. They are complementary documents with code examples that aim to guide you in making your first successful payment in the sandbox (or test) environment.

If you have any questions regarding technical issues, feel free send an e-mail to Additionally, if you have doubts about our pricing, fees or products, you can contact your Business Development Analyst.

Test your integration

After getting started with tests in sandbox mode, you will need some fake customer data to complete the requests. For credit card tests, we have some test card numbers that you can use to validate both successful and failed transactions in the testing environment.

If you are integrating with Direct API, you can refer to our ERROR CODES page to get familiar with our error and hard decline messages. Those errors are returned from our API and they prevent a payment to be created. You can handle those errors, and show a more user-friendly message.

With our Direct API integration, you can also implement some validation rules in your checkout page. This can help you improve your customer experience in the most important part of the purchase: the payment flow.

When you finish your integration and your website is ready to go LIVE, you can either send a message to us through our integration form or by sending an email to requesting to certify your site. In this message, please include your company name and the website URL used to integrate with EBANX. Once we receive this data, we will validate and do some additional verification. In case it has password protection, please send us the credentials as well.

Going LIVE

Once EBANX has certified your website’s integration, you will receive an email with your production (also known as live) integration key. After receiving this key, you need to follow these instructions before finishing up the setup: Replace the test key with the production key. Send us your production parameters (response_url and notification_url). Replace the URL prefix in every web service call – from to

Is everything done? Now you are LIVE and ready to start processing with us.

Note: The production integration key is a confidential sequence of numbers and letters that are unique and identify you as our Merchant. So, take good care of it.