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One integration with many possibilities

There are millions of people using Google Products, and with the Google Pay integration, your customers won’t need to fill in all of their payment details each time that they make a purchase on your website.

Integration with Google Pay will increase your conversions and also offer a seamless checkout experience for the user.

With Google Pay your customers can pay for their purchases with the cards and information already saved in their Google Accounts, along with data saved on their Android Pay, Chrome and YouTube accounts.

View our step by step instructions for integration.

Integrate with Google Pay

To start processing payments with Google Pay, you need to integrate with Google via Web or SKD.

During the integration you will see that some parameters are required to process Google Pay through EBANX, these include:

  • Information for gatewayMerchantId – Contact the IntegrationTeam to receive the keys.

  • The parameter gateway should be filled with ebanxpay;

  • Mandatory fields: Name, address, phone, and email.

To offer support for tokenized debit or credit combo cards from Brazil, the countryCode in TransactionInfo must be BR, and both the credit and debit networks need to be specified in the request, property allowedCardNetworks.

The following networks are supported: VISA, ELECTRON, MASTERCARD, MAESTRO, ELO and ELO_DEBIT.

Change your server side

When you finish the integration with Google, you will have all the necessary information to continue and generate a payment with EBANX.

So, after you receive the customer’s information sent from Google and build the request body (see create a payment guide), make sure to send the “token” that you received from Google in the google_pay parameter like the example below.

Important to know: This parameter expects a string, so there’s no need to parse it to JSON.
curl -X POST ''\
-d 'request_body={
"integration_key": "your_integration_key",
"operation": "request",
"payment": {
"name": "José Silva",
"email": "",
"address": "Rua E",
"street_number": "1040",
"city": "Maracanaú",
"state": "CE",
"zipcode": "61919-230",
"country": "br",
"phone_number": "8522847035",
"payment_type_code": "visa",
"merchant_payment_code": "<%= random_order_id %>",
"currency_code": "BRL",
"amount_total": 100,
"card": {
"card_name": "José Silva",
"google_pay": "{\"signature\":\"MEUCIFU/vJavw2HKB4bHbVxZp1JqaIdUa5R1ENbk59MG +
fHFAiEA1UBu7ZS1YC1v + Go6ScIbel / XyBKVt29Qr1mSdObWIig\\ u003d\ ",\"protoc
olVersion\ ":\"ECv1\",\"signedMessage\":\"{\\\"encryptedMessage\\\":\\\
3 uzIqsds1G5NrDMzwwztdwmPQ0BjE3lIhVASIg1iljIiNQzcTkhHqTMc01Rs9yn3w2T9W
4 aC6YMCo4t9FfwT + pITZdS9BfIMmjx2iXzjZF1Iy + c53lwzVVFEljGF5mh6cHEzZdKCVj
F5U11tKt6MybAkEU6yxEqOfdjp41FwjcJ3SknlzrDBrFXqL66cq + xtfCGTPfRvzs7SnFE
hFKzL84uVU2YKV8dxjGz7VJNOlF4sJH + G158Ru + w\\\\ u003d\\\ ",\\\"ephemeralPu
blicKey\\\ ":\\\"BF1s3ATPQMJkfCvLmOAgG9oTcF+P9Wdh5WNJyGeMjcywjEtBhfFdG
HOkZTZR + poT2LQjBrRADtWkD5yFuEEV7w\\\\ u003d\\\ ",\\\"tag\\\":\\\"SP4tH1
HxhSTbcNEhmFfEgSRHW7G46B1J3m / FEl6mPzg\\\\ u003d\\\ "}\"}"

A successful request will return a JSON expression similar to the one below.

"payment": {
"hash": "5a1c6820f28a2fd24c11a1dcde32e79c01c9814b66183cc3",
"pin": "467872297",
"merchant_payment_code": "80b83352839",
"order_number": null,
"status": "CO",
"status_date": "2017-11-27 19:31:43",
"open_date": "2017-11-27 19:31:43",
"confirm_date": "2017-11-27 19:31:43",
"transfer_date": null,
"amount_br": "100.38",
"amount_ext": "100.00",
"amount_iof": "0.38",
"currency_rate": "1.0000",
"currency_ext": "BRL",
"due_date": "2017-11-30",
"instalments": "1",
"payment_type_code": "visa",
"details": {
"billing_descriptor": "YOUR DESCRIPTOR"
"transaction_status": {
"acquirer": "EBANX",
"code": "OK",
"description": "Accepted",
"authcode": "82656"
"pre_approved": true,
"capture_available": false
"status": "SUCCESS"

Go live

Before starting to process payments with Google Pay and EBANX, do not forget to get in touch with our Integration Team to test and be sure that you are ready to go live!