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Due to the nature of some payment methods, payments will not always be confirmed instantly which is the case of all cash payments for an example.

When a payment status is changed to confirmed (CO) or cancelled (CA), EBANX sends a notification to your system through the Notification URL that you must provide to our integration team.

Your system receives the notification then call our API Query Operation. By doing this, you will know the status and more information about that payment.

After you get the notification, you must output a response(we suggest to print any message showing that you got the notification) indicating that the notification was successful.

Notifications are important since they will indicate when you can deliver your product/service to your customer.

The following figure shows how the flow works:

As mentioned, you must provide your server URL to our integration team. It could be something like this:

Every time a status changes, the EBANX server will make a POST request to the registered URL and expect a HTTP 200 code as a response. This request will have its Content-Type as x-www-form-url-encoded, with 3 parameters like the example below: operation=payment_status_change&notification_type=update&hash_codes=53ad936c0dfb7b008d57bf7d396c83a28d24869949fdc84f


operation string

The value is always payment_status_change.

notification_type string

Event that triggered the notification:

  • update: the payment status has changed from PE(Pending) to CO(Confirmed) or CA(Cancelled).
  • chargeback: a chargeback was issued for this payment.
  • refund: a refund was issued for this payment.
  • chargeback_credit: a chargeback credit was issued for this payment.
hash_codes string

A single hash or an array of hashes separated by commas.

After receiving the notification, your script should call the EBANX’s Query Operation to fetch all payment information, including the payment status.

The EBANX server will send a JSON object as a response, including the payment status. Here’s an example:

"payment": {
"hash": "5a15e30b970d9f9f4bc33466e42e92515c7a7ed755dc1e45",
"pin": "020593132",
"merchant_payment_code": "1120a8eb178",
"order_number": null,
"status": "CO",
"status_date": "2017-11-22 20:50:18",
"open_date": "2017-11-22 20:50:18",
"confirm_date": "2017-11-22 20:50:18",
"transfer_date": null,
"amount_br": "100.38",
"amount_ext": "100.00",
"amount_iof": "0.38",
"currency_rate": "1.0000",
"currency_ext": "BRL",
"due_date": "2017-11-25",
"instalments": "3",
"payment_type_code": "visa",
"details": {
"billing_descriptor": ""
"transaction_status": {
"acquirer": "EBANX",
"code": "OK",
"description": "Sandbox - Test credit card, transaction captured",
"authcode": "45101"
"pre_approved": true,
"capture_available": false
"status": "SUCCESS"